Free Casino Cash - The Bonuses

What are casino bonuses all about?

If you could imagine Las Vegas, then you will find that the casinos there are able to pamper the players with free accommodation, gifts, and other nice loyalty related points schemes. With online casinos though, the casino can only use a limited number of methods to catch your attention. The casinos we feature offer a great range of slots, reliable software, and good support. The only real way to catch a players attention is to offer a casino bonus in return for the player opening an account and depositing money. This really does give the player something special. The player gets to have a go at winning good money even when using the casinos own cash.

That sounds so easy, is there a catch?

Without a doubt there is. Which casino in their right mind will give you say $100 free, only to have you cash out and leave them $100 poorer? How long until they shut down? No, what they do is give you free casino bonuses and then set a number of rules before you can cash out. So lets look at some common points here:

  • One version the casino employs is to set a "playthrough" value before cashing out. Also known as "handle", this involves you placing a certain value of bets before cashing out. You may be asked to play out 20 times the value of your deposit plus the bonus. This sounds scary and it can be tight but generally, you will be amazed how practical it is to meet such a requirement. After all, you bet $10 and lose then bet $10 and win. Your net position is still breakeven but you have already made up $20 in bets placed. Most casino games pay out at a rate of 94% plus so you can expect to go close to meeting these requirements if you have a normal run of good luck
  • Another version of the bonus is the "Sticky" bonus. Here you would be given the bonus and can use it to generate a profit but when you cash out, the bonus is deducted from your account. Generally a sticky bonus will result in slightly more lenient bonus terms.
  • Which games are played also makes a difference. In most casinos, roulette, craps, baccarat, and other almost even money games are excluded from the playthrough requirements. This means you cannot even play them when using bonus money. Slots are generally not subjected to this kind of restriction though.
  • Game specific bonuses are generally higher bonuses that are targeted to higher risk games. You may for example find a casino offering a 100% bonus for normal play but they will give 300% if you intend to only play slots or keno.
Read the terms and conditions!

In line with the above comments, you will realise that casinos take giving away free money very seriously. They have their terms and conditions and they also make changes to these on occasion. If you don't meet the conditions, you probably won't be paid and then you will not be happy at all. Read the conditions, please.

Our recommended casino bonuses
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4th Deposit $100 and get $100 free (100%)
Golden Palace Casino 100% Sign-Up Bonus with your first deposit up to R4000-00 exclusively through us.
Roxy Palace 100% up to £150 1st Deposit and 25% up to £200 on 2nd Deposit
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2nd Deposit 25% Match Bonus
3rd Deposit 50% Match Bonus



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