All about Reel Slots Casino

A brief synopsis of what the site is all about and a small bit of background of the original history from years ago.

How we chose the casins that owe advertise

It wasn't that difficult. As advertisers across a broad range of websites, we have a good influx of players to look at. We have mainly looked at the casinos ability to keep these players on their books. We believe that such loyalty is earned by good service and giving the player satisfaction. We also belong to most industry associations and have the constant feedback of many fellow advertisers as regards the casinos. The various player forums also serve as a check and balance to ensure a casino is conducting its business in an exemplory manner.

About the online gambling market in general

The online casino industry differs from the traditional casino industry in a number of ways:

  1. The online casino does not have the same level of overheads.
  2. The online casino does not get it's traffic simply by being the closest to it's visitor. All online casinos are only one click of a mouse away.
  3. The online casino cannot pamper you with free drinks and friendly faces
  4. The online casino attracts new players with free money offers
  5. The online casino can only keep a happy player by sending them good and useful offers and information
  6. The online casino has credibility by virtue of it's advertisers saying so.
  7. Online casinos are generally registered offshore. If you want to take action against them, it's very difficult.

So, what should I then do if I want to play online?

  1. Preferably download the casino from a link on a casino portal that is well known and has some good history.
  2. This will mean that not only do you get to choose from reputable casinos but that the site owner would normally handle your query for you.
  3. You can avoid most unpleasant interaction with the casino simply by not setting out to only use the bonus for gain.
  4. Bonuses have strict terms and conditions because if the casino simply let you cash them out without setting some terms and conditions, then they would quickly become a source of free cash and soon be bankrupt!


The History of Reel Slots Casinos goes back many years

Years ago this site was operated in partnership between 2 of the leading portal groups online today. Lady V was the original Gambling Gourmet and has been involved in the industry since it's earliest days. The Big B Group has been going since 2002 and has established itself as a leader, especially with regard to the slots that one will find online.

We offer to our visitors a solid arbitration for payment should you become embroiled in a dispute. We do not limit this to only the casinos we advertise neither. That said, we are not blind to the fact that some players do try and con the casinos and that they resort to false claims and a lot of noise in an attempt to blackmail casinos into paying them. Our arbitration will be handled without formalities in a to the point manner. If a player of ours is deserving of payment and followed the conditions of play to the letter, then we will leave no stone unturned to have the matter resolved.

This site is no longer owned by the above mentioned partnership in the history, but rest assured we plan on keeping if not elevating the integrity of the site and providing safe and trusted places to play online.


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